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Review | Secret Clinical Antiperspirant

Review | Secret Clinical Antiperspirant

Review | Secret Clinical Antiperspirant

Since I sweat a lot, I’ve always thought about trying a clinical strength deodorant. I had just never gotten around to it and then BzzAgent offered to send me a sample of the Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Clear Gel. Of course I was interested and excited to put it to the test.

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant

I received a sample size of the gel formula but I must admit I was hoping for the invisible solid formula instead. I find gel formulas take a bit longer to dry and I’m normally rushing to get ready and don’t have the patience to wait for it to dry before getting dressed. But what I didn’t realize with this product is that you apply it at bedtime. This works well for me because I prefer to shower in the evening anyway. It’s supposed to be applied at bedtime according to the products’s website.

“At night, your body’s temperature and sweat rate slow. By applying Clinical Strength as this is occurring, little or no antiperspirant is washed away by sweat, and you ensure great effectiveness of the plugs. Applied at night, Clinical Strength is so effective that morning reapplication is not even required, though it does maximize protection.”

I was skeptical that it would work better than my regular antiperspirant but I was pleasantly surprised. I am a stress sweater and this got me through those tough days when you need maximum protection. I don’t even reapply in the morning, it works fine for me with just the bedtime application. I definitely want to try the invisible solid formula next.

Have you tried any type of clinical strength antiperspirants? What are your thoughts?

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