Diary of A Girly Girl




I wanted to share the Louis Vuitton items I currently have my eye on. I have been saving up for about a year now with the idea that I would be purchasing either the Louis Vuitton Bastille in the PM size or the Lumineuse in the PM size. I wanted my next purse to be empriente leather and I like the size and style of both these purses but they are now discontinued.

I did find something I like just as much, the Mazarine in the PM size in Noir. I have tried it on and its the right size for me and I like that it can be worn crossbody. I think its a classic, practical purse that I will enjoy for years to come. Since its an expensive item, I need to make sure that it is something I will get a lot of use out of.

I also want the Key Pouch in Cherry to use as a small wallet or card case. I think the colour would look great against the black bag.

I’m hoping to purchase the purse in the fall and the key pouch for Christmas. Do you have your eye on any Louis Vuitton items? What are your favourite brands?

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