Diary of A Girly Girl




I started this year off by looking at my makeup collection & telling myself I needed to slow down. I declared a “Makeup Low Buy” where I limit my purchases to only things I need & started a Project Pan to focus on using up a few things.

Last summer I did a Closet Cleanout, I was thinking I needed more space but what I realized is that I have way more clothing than I needed. I made some progress & now that its been a year I’ve bought less than I normally would have & I can see that there is even more I can let go of.

Realizing that I don’t need so much stuff has been a process. I was caught up in the excitement of shiny new things & having the latest & greatest of everything. But I realized that its all just stuff & that having so much that I rarely use doesn’t bring me any joy. What brings me joy is the few things I truly enjoy. What I should be doing is enjoying those things & let go of everything else because its just acting as clutter. I prefer to have a few things I really enjoy and that will last a long time.

So here’s what I did & am doing on an ongoing basis…

Clean out my makeup collection: I have more than I could possibly use so I’m passing on gently used items to family & friends.

Clean out my closet: I have more than I need in terms of clothing & shoes. When was the last time I wore something that I’ve been keeping with the thought that someday I might need it? Some items are going to family & I will try to sell some items to Plato’s Closet…read more on this or online on Kijiji.

Unsubscribe from retailer emails: I receive about 10 emails a day from various retailers about some type of sale, promotion or limited edition product. I’ve unsubscribed to all retailer emails to remove the temptation of buying something I don’t need & to reduce the amount of junk email I receive.

Don’t go to the mall/shopping for entertainment: I used to go shopping a lot, it was something to do. Nowadays I only go shopping if I need something & I try to order online to resist the temptation the mall has to offer.

Think about what I do have & not what I don’t have: I sometimes focus on what I don’t have or what I feel is missing & what I should be doing is being thankful for what I have & appreciate how fortunate I am.

If you’re going through a similar journey I’d love to know what you think & what tips you have.

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