Diary of A Girly Girl




Almost all of my palettes are in the drawer of my vanity & I always forget about them. I needed a better way to store them & make them easily accessible. So I went off to Home Sense & Michael’s in search of desk organizers that could help me. I picked up 4 organizers & tried out each one.

Letter holder $3.99 CAD from Home Sense

This would be great for large palettes. You could fit 2 to 3 palettes within each slot & have them sit on top of a vanity or shelf. It’s made of cardboard but its very sturdy & the print is fun & girly. Since I don’t have any large palettes, I don’t feel this is the right one.


Rectangular desk organizer with 4 compartments $12.99 CAD from Home Sense

This is a multi functional piece as you could store large palettes in the back and smaller ones in the various compartments. It’s made of the same sturdy cardboard & has the same print as the letter holder. It takes up quite a bit of space sitting on my vanity but I do like how I can store all my palettes & there is still room for more.


Square desk organizer with 5 compartments $6.00 CAD from Michael’s

This is a more compact version of the last organizer & takes up half the amount of surface area. It is also made of sturdy cardboard but the print is more subdued. I like how it can also handle brushes because of the height of the middle compartments. If you needed one organizer that could handle both palettes & brushes this would be it. I think it’s perfect for me right now but what about when my collection grows?


Rectangular desk organizer with 4 compartments $6.00 CAD from Michael’s

Last but not least is another rectangular organizer with 4 compartments. It’s slightly smaller (& less than half the price) of the other one I mentioned but that means it doesn’t take up too much surface area on my vanity. This is the perfect fit. It handles my current palette collection but provides room for growth.



How do you organize your makeup? Do you have tips or tricks?