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Hi Everyone,

I mentioned that I had made a change in my skin care routine in my July Favorites video so here are the details…

About 6 six weeks ago I had a reaction to the Paula’s Choice Weekly Retexturing Foaming Treatment 4% BHA even though I had been using it with great results for months.

I used it one night before bed & the next morning my skin was tight, dry, itchy & red. As the day progressed, my cheeks, chin & jaw were covered in white heads. It was very uncomfortable & for the next week I only used cleanser & moisturizer to allow my skin to return to normal.

I was pretty sure it was the exfoliant since I hadn’t used anything different or new but after another week – so 2 weeks from the initial reaction – I used it again. I thought it was strange that I’d used it for months without any problems & since I was happy with the previous results I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a one off situation. Unfortunately, the same thing happened.

Here is a picture the morning after the second use.

Skin 1 Updated

I have stopped using the product & contacted Paula’s Choice Customer Service who advised that “we have found that even though your skin tolerates products well for a while, it is possible for the skin to become sensitive as the skin changes due to environment or hormones.  We would recommend not using it any longer if your skin is responding like this to it”. A credit was applied to my account for the full price of the product which is fine with me as I use other products from the line & will repurchase those.

I am disappointed that I can no longer use the product but if anyone asked me, I’d still recommend it. It did give me super soft, glowing skin & was able to combat more stubborn blackheads . I’d definitely advise that a spot test should be done before applying the exfoliant all over the face just to make sure you don’t have an initial reaction.

I’m now only using one exfoliant, the Clear Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution, which is a great exfoliant. I do like how the weekly treatment was like an exfoliant boost so I am thinking of trying out some other products in the Paula’s Choice line to see if I can find a replacement. I’ll keep you posted.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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