Diary of A Girly Girl




With the fall season quickly – and I mean quickly – approaching in Toronto, I’ve been thinking about what I need/want in terms of clothing & footwear.

The first step was to go through my existing wardrobe and see what I have so that I’m not tempted to buy things I don’t need or already have. I find it easier if I go shopping armed with a list.

So here are the things I have decided I need/want. Click on the images for full details.

A pair of chocolate or dark brown boots. I have a black dressier pair and a tan casual pair so this is really something I want rather than need. Here are a few pairs I’ve seen online that I like & will try on in store – both are from Aldo Shoes.

anesa aldo boot althea aldo boot

I need a white dress shirt for work, something comfortable yet professional looking. I like how this one from RW&CO looks on the model so I’ll give it a try.



I saw someone wearing a simple baseball t-shirt and I love it! So now I want one 🙂 This one is from Forever21.

baseball t

I need a new pair of black wedges for work. My current pair has seen better days. I’ll check out this pair from Aldo Shoes.

heikes aldo

I’d like a new black cardigan for work, something simple & comfortable like the one below from H&M.


These are a few things  I found online while browsing that I don’t need but I like. I might pick these up because I don’t think I can resist them 🙂 What’s on your shopping list?

leopard t  denim shirt


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